Laurel's Testimonials

Matthew Schwab

Laurel was a pleasure to work with from the start to finish of the sales process.  She is well-established in the area as a top realtor, and the effort, attention to detail and communications her and her team exhibited were in-keeping with that reputation.  Selling a home, particularly one you've lived in for years, can be a stressful process, but Laurel made it work smoothly.  My wife and I hearily recommend Laurel if you are looking for a realtor to sell your home.  

Brian Kelley

Laurel has represented us twice in selling a home and once in purchasing a home, over a period of 15 years. She is sophisticated, professional, and balanced in her dealings and well-respected and connected within the local community and among her professional peers. Her pricing guidance has always been spot-on, and she is resourceful and solution-oriented in resolving issues for all parties in a transaction.

Jared Gutman

Laurel was a pressure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and went the extra mile to help me with a number of issues that arose during the sale. This was especially important to me since I lived several hours from the property. She is a dedicated true professional who knows the business, is honest and is very responsive. I would highly recommend Laurel without a doubt!

Ray Baty

It was amazing to find a realtor who knew the area very well, and had me do things I needed to do to upgrade my house accordingly for sale.  I don't think my house was on the market more than two weeks when we had a potential of 3 to 4 buyers.  Through the process of selling my home Laurel was there at 100%. I could not have asked for a better person to handle my life and the life of my home in order to sell to somebody else. I thank her greatly for being the person and the businesswoman with the knowledge that she possesses. I recommend her highly, and her Nutshell Agency Along with Berkshire Hathaway home services.

Deborah Nicolay and Carmen Greico

Laurel was friendly and knowledgeable.  She gave us great ideas for showing the house, plus great exposure via advertising and showings.  Our house sold very quickly because of her diligence.  Considering that we were not local to the house, Laurel was a great go-to for recommendations for repairs, movers and cleanup companies.  Anyone would be lucky to have her as an agent!

Clay Spencer

Laurel exceeded my very high expectations.  I needed significant extra effort to list and sell my property, and prepare for listing, after moving to a new home 6 hours away.  Laurel and her team did many, many things at the property in my absence.  She also used her very specific local knowledge to price my home for maximum gains, wildly exceeding my expectations, just as she had done for a neighbor several months before.  Thank you, Laurel!

Kirat Singh and Yue Chen

We had the pleasure of working with Laurel when we were looking for a place to buy in the Hudson Valley.  She was just fantastic.  She was super knowledgeable about the area.  She already knew the few houses that we were interested in seeing and provided us with good background info on the houses which really helped our search.  She was very responsive to our inquiries, always patient.  She was also very skillfull in negotiation and managing the process.  We can't recommend her enough!

Walt and Joan Schmidt

We highly recommend using Laurel Sweeney for the sale of your property.  She was very professional, easy to work with, very knowledgeable of the industry and area where we sold.  She was helpful and did a great job.  When we listed with her it was only about 2 weeks before we found a buyer.  She sold our little pink house.  And selling a pink house could have been a challenge but she did it easily and quickly.  Give her a go!

Judy Flanigan

As a "first-time home seller" who was moving from the house before putting it up for sale, I was expecting a lot of hassle-didn't turn out that way!  Laurel walked me through the process every step of the way.  Most importantly, she listened to my concerns, always stayed in touch, presented alternatives, recommended wonderful service providers and GOT THINGS DONE!  Plus, she is a pleasure to work with.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to sellers and buyers alike.  

Jonathan and Amy Tuscanes

If you plan on selling or buying a piece of real estate in the greater Rondout Valley, Laurel is your expert choice.  I've personally used Laurel to help me with 2 purchases and 1 sale.  Each time Laurel has kept the process in line, helped with making the right decisions, and looked after the entire transaction to make sure nothing was left undone.  Very rare to use someone that has such an understanding of the New York real estate transaction process.  Not to mention her incredible geographic knowledge of the Hudson Valley.

Kerry McCarthy and Kate Mann

Laurel is best in class, a true professional. She knows how to market a property and has an endless rolodex to get you whatever help you might need. She was always there nudging all parties along via text or phone, morning, noon, or night. We worked with her on both a purchase and a sale, and highly recommend.

Emily Daniels

Laurel is a class-act, top-notch professional! She approached our home buying process with care and concern and showed us homes that were uniquely suited to our needs (not an easy task, given how was on the market). There are so many reasons we loved working with her. Here are just a few: 1. She knows the area!! Laurel had real and specific information about the various areas we were looking in which helped us focus our search. 2. She knows about home construction!! She was able to help us determine the quality of workmanship and materials at each house we saw. She was also able to help us understand which things would cost us money in the years to come and which home features were worth the hype. 3. She's a great communicator. Direct, honest, and easy to understand. She always got back to us promptly and answered all of our (many) questions patiently and thoroughly. 4. She has a great network of relationships in the area. She was able to make helpful and relevant recommendations at every step of the process. And, because she is thought of so highly, telling people we were working with Laurel was like having a VIP pass through this process. I recommend Laurel without reservation for anyone looking for a home in Ulster County, especially for those looking to relocate to the area. She worked extremely hard on our behalf to ensure we ended up happy in our new home and she kept us smiling throughout the ups and downs of this stressful process. Her thoughtful input was invaluable to us and we are so grateful we got to work with her. Good luck!

Anneke Kimberly

Laurel was instrumental in getting us the house we wanted in a very competitive market. She is warm, helpful, quick and no-nonsense: A perfect combination in an agent! As first-time home owners, we were new to the whole process and Laurel’s experience, and knowledge were indispensable. Laurel also has many friends and contacts in the Hudson Valley area, which made our whole experience run very smoothly.

Julia Monk

Laurel is truly incredible- responsive, knowledgeable, and such a pleasure to work with. As a first time homebuyer I was very nervous about starting the process of looking for and buying a home but Laurel made it so painless and explained everything to me. She was always available to help if I had any questions, and I had many! I can’t recommend Laurel highly enough!! 


Another great experience with Laurel! Last year she helped us purchase a home. This year she sold a rental property for us and it was just as easy despite the chaos of 2020. Laurel is a highly motivated and friendly agent.

David Gonzalez

Laurel Sweeny was a dream to work with - she listens, understands, and gets to work. When issues came up she deftly handled them so that positive resolutions came through. If you are looking to sell or buy a house in Ulster County you couldn't do better than Laurel.

Donna and Gregory Tosko

Laurel is the best in the business. She is professional, organized, and has intimate knowledge of Ulster County and beyond. The difficult decision to sell our home was made so much easier by Laurel's patience and kindness (and a lot of hand holding!). I highly recommend hiring Laurel and her outstanding team.

Matthew and Christina Meyerson

Laurel demonstrated a solid understanding of the local real estate market and how it has recently evolved. The market report and comps she provided were invaluable in helping to understand how to best position our house for sale. This was not simple as we did not have a cookie cutter property, but Laurel shared her insights and provided a solid marketing plan. She was also able to support her positions and advice when we had questions. As it turns out, we never got a chance to see her marketing plan in action. Laurel already knew of a potential buyer interested in such a property and was able to arrange a showing within days that led to an offer and a sale! A true win-win for both buyer and seller.

Ian Duncan

Laurel was a pleasure to work with on the sale our home. She is kind and caring and appreciative, and also deeply knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy. She does the work, she is on your side, and she has good judgement. We recommend her highly.

Chauncey St. John and Sarah Sacer

Laurel was very helpful and attentive to our purchase, working with us and the sellers to establish a positive connection that ensured a smooth sales process. I honestly believe we would not have been able to secure the property without Laurels personal touch, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone with real estate needs.

John DiBlasi 

The only word to describe Laurel is outstanding. We worked with Laurel through four seasons before finding a home we love. That would not have happened without her persistence and patience. She is incredibly knowledgeable, transparent and honest. You can rely on her to assist you in any way during the process. I could not give a higher recommendation.

Alessandro Piccolo

I've recommended the Laurel and her Real Estate Team to everyone I know. She’s a true professional and a genuinely nice. I realize it won't always be this easy to sell your home, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better Realtor.

Craig Siegel and Rebekah Sale

Laurel was the seller's broker for the first house we saw in Stone Ridge, and she was so helpful, honest and knowledgeable about homes in the area (where she's been a highly regarded broker for decades) that we decided to hire her as our buyer's broker. We've had a lot of experience with brokers buying and selling homes in the past, and Laurel was fantastic -- she was responsive; she took the time to understand well our needs; she gave us excellent advice; and she intelligently guided us through the local home-buying process. With her hard work, we found a great home and we were delighted to close only a few months later. I recommend her without reservation.

Wilda Gallagher and Shaun Johnston

Our experience with Laurel and her colleague Petra was A+ positive. She and Petra guided us through the process of preparing our much-loved and lived-in house for for a second (or third or tenth) life as a new home. We were very fortunate to have their help and expertise in our corner, and  appreciate their friendly demeanor as well as professionalism. Highly recommended for stress-free selling/buying!

Trish Marx

Laurel was a joy to work with - kind, honest, and extremely knowledgeable. She explained each step of selling my home thoroughly and was patient with all questions. Though I was prepared to wait for an offer I’d be happy with, I didn’t need to - very soon after putting my house on the market she had a buyer, and the entire process through to closing went smoothly. The warmth, efficiency, and humor of her and her colleague Petra were greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!

Sasha Dobos-Czarnocha  and Yumari Martinez

Laurel is the most amazing realtor and human to have guiding you in finding that special place to call home. She took the time to talk to us and get to know us until she understood exactly what we were looking for and then she found it for us! We are so happy to have her in our lives!

Joan and Mitchell Dominus

Working with Laurel made the process so much easier than it could have been for us. She established trust with us off the bat and she made excellent referrals of businesses we needed to complete our move. It was obvious she not only knew the business of real estate but her knowledge base of the  local situation affecting our sale. She knew how to market our home and honored our love for what we were leaving. And we rapidly sold for more than our asking price.

Amanda and RJ Kunz

Laurel was extraordinarily helpful, knowledgeable and diligent. She went above and beyond to help us sell our home. She has many years of experience and her local connections run deep. My husband and I recommend her highly and without hesitation!

Ashley Welsch and Adam Johnson

Laurel knows the area very well, and she got us a fair price in the local market. We are first-time home buyers, and Laurel was patient with us throughout the process. She diligently moved our purchase forward, quickly and thoroughly answering our many questions along the way. Laurel and her team  helped us buy our dream home! 

Tanya and Justin Swigart

Laurel was really wonderful to work with and was on top of everything through the entire process. It was our first time selling a house and Laurel helped to make it a breeze. Thank you again, Laurel!

Howard Hensel

Dear Laurel and  the Nutshell family.  At last I can take a moment to thank you for the professional and thoughtful support you gave me throughout the whirlwind which was unleashed when I brought you up the hill to list my house.  To Petra for her wonderful photos which seemed to finish my vision when I could barely hold a hammer I thank you.  It is tough to let go of a dream but you all made it flow.  I knew I was engaging professionals and you delivered.   Thanks again and continued success to Nutshell.  


Diana Al-Hadid and Jon Lott

Laurel was an absolute pleasure to work with.  This was our first home purchase, and I couldn't have asked for a better agent.  She was super patient and resourceful as we worked with her to find the perfect property for us.  Laurel was very respectful of our pace and was able to immediately get us   in the right direction on the next search every time a property we visited wasn't ideal.  And when we did finally find the perfect fit, she made the daunting process smooth and effortless, following up with everyone and being available at a moment's notice when we needed her.  Super duper highly recommended!!


Susan Rogers

After two experiences with Laurel I must say she is simply the best. Not only was it a pleasure to spend time with her but she is so efficient that she makes a stressful and complicated process move flawlessly. Her vast knowledge of the local market and her attunement to her clients’ needs facilitates the buying process and her uncanny ability to know the precise price at which a house should sell helps both sellers and buyers. Laurel is also helpful with referrals to other services as needed. No wonder Laurel has won so many awards in her field.   


Susan and Kevin Croll-Shriver

It took us several years to find just the right option for our home, and Laurel showed a lot of patience and perseverance I helping us to find the right match. As time went on, she learned exactly what we wanted. She was never pushy, but instead patient and helped recommend things that would be a good match for us.

Steven and Jone Schoen

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM A REAL ESTATE BROKER? An honest hardworking knowledgeable partner.  Someone who advises how to best present your property to the "right" buyer.  An agent who is available, efficient and successful - who works for a company with exceptional resources and reputation. Laurel Sweeney and Berkshire Hathaway Nutshell meet all these criteria and more.  Laurel Sweeney was the best choice for my wife and me.  We were completely satisfied with her work ethic and abilities. It was a difficult decision as to who should sell our property and we are very happy with our choice and the resultant sale.  She became like a member of our family who we could call with our questions and she always provided answers and advice in a timely and professional manner.  We recommend her unequivocally and will certainly use her again when it is time to sell other property.?


Robert Cornett

Laurel did an outstanding job from start to finish on supporting us in purchasing a home.  She was always available to answer questions in a timely manner and often anticipated questions before we asked. She is a very experienced agent and knows her business and the local market very well. We highly recommend her. 5 stars in all areas!

Women's Studio Workshop and Unison Arts

Laurel Sweeney is a star! She recently supported our nonprofit organization in the sale of property we inherited. Her expertise is wide ranging and even included, in our case, estate and inheritance real estate laws. She is an area specialist and has almost two decade of experience. When you
  work with Laurel, you are completely supported by she and her staff. She has deep and longstanding connections in the area and can offer expertise on appraisers, inspectors, stagers, moving companies, etc... She's a one-stop shop. She's also a lot of fun too!

Emily Ryan

Laurel and her team helped me and my husband buy an amazing home in the Hudson Valley area. We were relatively new to the area and the home buying process, but Laurel was with us every step of the way! She attended to our unique needs and personal requests, and recommended excellent professionals  at each stage (inspector, attorney, etc.). She is warm, friendly, efficient, and professional -- everything you would want in an agent. We highly recommend Laurel and her team!

Amelia Sandell

Laurel is wonderful! With Laurel's help, my husband and I just recently purchased a country home that is perfect for us. Her knowledge of the area is deep and was invaluable to us coming from the city with only a general sense of where we wanted to be and what we could expect. Her approach is
  direct and no-nonsense and she has provided excellent recommendations from start to finish on other professionals to help us through the process (inspector, lawyer, handyman, etc.). As a successful broker she is busy, but we never felt like she didn't have time for us or that we weren't a priority. And on top of it all she is just generally warm and lovely. Recommending Laurel will be top on my list for those planning to make a move to Ulster County!

Eleni Calomiris

Laurel was a pleasure to work with. Any questions we had before, during or after making an offer were always answered quickly and thoroughly. We had a complicated closing situation which Laurel handled professionally, especially considering she was both representing us and the seller of the  property. From the moment we saw the photos and video she posted on the real estate site we knew this property was meant to be our home and she worked hard alongside us to make that a reality. We will always be grateful!

Domenica and Tim Murray

Laurel was absolutely wonderful to work with. She and her partner Petra supported us every step of the way and we truly felt they were invested not only in our success, but in the quality of our experience. Laurel sold our house in Stone Ridge in just a few months, and when we couldn't find a house we wanted to buy in today's tight market, she helped us purchase land to build the house of our dreams. She offers a truly superior level of experience, knowledge and dedication the her clients, and we felt her support and guidance throughout the entire process. Regardless of the size of our budget, or how busy she was, Laurel always made us feel like we were her top priority and we can't recommend her enough.

Dylan and Rayna Johanson-Clarke

Laurel was our buying and selling agent, and she seamlessly helped us navigate the juggling act that is buying and selling houses simultaneously. She is professional, knowledgeable, and kind -- and she listened closely to what we were looking for. We would highly recommend Laurel and the whole Nutshell Realty team to any of our friends or family looking to buy or sell a house.


Mira Fink and Jerome Cimino

Laurel knows how to get the job done. We had been frustrated after trying to sell our house for a year with two different real estate agencies, without success. Laurel was recommended to us by two different friends and proved to be the right choice. She was straight forward with us in her assessment of what we had to do to get our house to sell. She helped us to arrive at an asking price that she believed was fair for the current market. Her staff took great photos and got them up on MLS listing right away. Buyers started to take more interest in the house and within a few weeks we had an offer that eventually led to the sale. We highly recommend Laurel without reservations.


Dianne Viotto

I wanted to take a moment and to say Thank you! The entire process of buying our new home from start to finish was literally stress free, ran smoothly and was concluded quicker than I ever imagined.  You, your team, and the others that you recommended for the inspection, closing and mortgage were friendly, polite and professional at all times.  We LOVE the house, it is perfect for us.  We have already added an additional puppy into our crazy family mix. 


Mary Beilman

When I made the decision to downsize and sell my large home of 42 years, Laurel and Petra were with me every step of the way. It was a decision fraught with much emotion and they understood that. They were there to answer my questions, give me advice, and listen when I needed a sounding board. We  sold the home I loved dearly, but better than that, they helped my find my new smaller home, that is perfect and that I know I will love just as much, in a new chapter of my life. Thank you both for your time, patience, and expertise. I couldn't have chosen any better Realtors.


Jean-Paul Courtens

Laurel is a very professional realtor with many years of experience. She has a keen sense of pricing and understanding of the community we live in. She is well connected and on a personal note, it was an absolute pleasure working with her


June and Jim Langella

Laurel is a very personable realtor. Her ease and knowledge help make her an easy choice to start and complete a sale and purchase..That is one reason we went back to Laurel for her expertise. Always available and prompt with replies to our questions. A professional through and through. Thank you, Laurel.


Tim Patrick

Thank you for all the help, guidance, and expertise as we navigated the search and purchase of Platte Clove Road.  As an inexperienced (and sometimes nervous) buyer, I appreicated your insights and established network of professional connections that helped me through the process with ease and confidence.  We had a wonderful first weekend at the new house.  Thank you!


Tracy Novicki and Nick Banns

Laurel recently helped my husband and I to purchase a second home and she was truly wonderful to work with. She was easy to communicate with, responsive, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor that was refreshing during the stressful process of buying a home. Laurel was a great resource on the area- all of her recommendations, from tradesmen to restaurants, were spot-on. We highly recommend working with Laurel!


Pamlyn Smith and Vittoria Semproni

Did I mention how much we appreciated your efforts on our behalf?  It is such a relief that the deal went through. It makes life simpler.  So thank you once again. Not only are you efficient and knowledgeable, you're really funny and a pleasure to work with.


Gina and Dennis Voskov

We loved working with Laurel. From the start, she urged us to take our time with the process and gave us perspective on the house hunting. As we narrowed in on what we were looking for, she brought her expertise of all different aspects of home ownership and maintenance to help us make informed decisions. When the time came to purchase, Laurel worked efficiently and diligently to ensure the purchase went through smoothly and according to the terms, drawing our attention to deadlines and actions we need to take. Her communication was off the charts and we so appreciated her ability to give us space and time to think without a shred of pressure. She gave us great recommendations for contractors, service providers, and with her incredible local knowledge, led us to some great cool spots in the area for our family to discover fun things to do. We highly recommend Laurel's services to interested buyers!


Brook and Esther Downton

Can't recommend Laurel highly enough. She was recommended by a friend and we wouldn't hesitate to do the same. She was a great source of information, market insight and honest guidance throughout our home buying process. We trusted her 100% to look out for our interests and she didn't let us down. Thanks Laurel!


The Rutigliano Family

Thank you Nutshell Reality and especially Laurel Sweeney for a very positive experience in selling our family home. Laurel’s recommendations on preparing and staging the home allowed for a quick and efficient sale. Her recommendations for donations on the contents in the home also helped in preparing the property for sale.  Our entire family is grateful for her help.  We highly recommend Laurel and hope to work with her again in the future.


Kim Cohen and Jim Keller

"Laurel is AMAZING! She came highly recommended from a friend of ours, and it was very quickly clear why she came with such a high recommendation. We were first time home buyers on a very tight budget. She was honest about the challenges we would face but also had full faith that she would be able to find us a home. We needed to be patient but also ready to move when we found a home that spoke to us. She was also extremely patient about all of our first home jitters that we had along the way, especially since the house we found was a foreclosure. In the end, she helped us get an amazing house in an amazing neighborhood -- even when the house had competing offers. As an additional bonus, she was fantastic with our kiddo during all the home visits I dragged him along to. Also, everyone she recommended along the way -- lenders to lawyers -- exceeded our expectations. I heartily recommend her."


Dale and Sarah Ramsey

We went to Laurel Sweeney at Nutshell Realty on a recommendation, and we would recommend her ourselves, having found just what we envisioned in the area where we wanted to be. She was very pleasant and friendly, and excellent at listening to our ideas and taking us around to see homes that matched our needs. Her helping hand with many of the details, sending us to a good lender, communicating with the listing agent, and so on, helped to smooth a sometimes bumpy ride. Thanks, Laurel! ?


Tamara Kirson and Mark Rosen

Laurel was masterful at pricing our home and encouraging us to get it on the market early in the season.  We had buyers, a contract, and settlement sooner than we anticipated.  Laurel’s professional management of the transaction made us very happy!

Rich Newman

Laurel Sweeney represented my wife and I on two home sales recently and handled both with extraordinary professionalism and aplomb, putting our interests first. In one deal she cautioned me against letting a buyer rent the house in the months before the closing but I did so anyway. When it got messy she calmly steered the deal in the right direction without a single I told you so. She's the best.


Lewis Fowler and Sandrine Lago

Laurel's guidance as our rep was the best experience. In our transaction, she actually worked as the dual agent. And she was incredibly upfront, honest, ethical and informative throughout the entire experience. And once we got to an accepted offer, the experience of closing was incredibly smooth due to Laurel's advice as well as her real estate market connections. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy in the Ulster County region. She has a wide knowledge and a sincere love for the area, which helps inform her dealings in real estate


Marlene Wiedenbaum

When you advised us against making a hasty decision to resell our new house -- despite the opportunity for a commission-- I knew we would never find a better broker anywhere.  We both could not be happier that we stayed. Thank you for that and for your professionalism in guiding me through the recent, sometimes messy Highland sale. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone selling or buying a home. 


Gretchen Nadasky

If you want to find the perfect home or sell your unique property in the Hudson Valley, Laurel and her team are the way to go. Nutshell will bring all of their local knowledge, financial acumen and negotiating skills to the table. You never wait for a call back and her team works tirelessly on the details no matter how big or small. Laurel and Nutshell were excellent partners in my sale and I would recommend them to anyone looking in this hot market.


Jamie Bennett and Anat Shiftan

Anat and I would like to thank you and Petra for your guidance and advise as we went through the process of selling our home.  Your realistic approach to pricing and timing were appreciated.  Also early on it was very helpful in hearing your thoughts on "staging" the house and of course seeing Petra's excellent representation through her photography.  In the end all went very smoothly and the transition was painless!
Anat and Jamie


Pam Hoveling

I engaged Laurel’s services for the sale of my BnB property, which was suitable as a private home as well.  She did extensive and comprehensive marketing from both ends. As it happens, she ended up representing the buyer as well. She handled this often tricky situation with complete professionalism. I was very pleased as was the buyer.  I’d highly recommend her as she is honest, direct, very prompt and thorough. 


Judith and Stuart Greenfield

I have long counted the buying and selling houses as one of life’s more stressful events – as something to dread. Because that had been my experience, I was not looking forward to putting our home of 37 years on the market. But that was what we had to do and we turned to Laurel Sweeney of Nutshell Realty in High Falls to help us with this task.

For many reasons, we are so glad we did. These include her friendliness, professionalism, and her timely responses to our ‘please call us’ messages. Then, whether it was for purposes of maintenance or repairs, we so appreciated that Laurel was able to direct us to someone who could not only help, but who charged reasonable rates and did a good job.  An additional benefit of signing with Laurel was her assistant, Petra Heist, who was up to date on everything that was going on; who also helped show our place; and who was as friendly and easy to be with as was Laurel.

While I can’t say that the sale of our home was stress free (it definitely wasn’t!) I know that Laurel’s input, advice, recommendations and, most of all, her supportive hugs when most needed, went a long way to ease the process.  So, yes, we were more than pleased with Laurel and the Nutshell family!


Melanie Kletter and Todd Ferrara

We found Laurel when we began searching for a home in Ulster County. We were first-time buyers and weren't sure at first exactly what we were looking for. Laurel and Petra patiently guided us through the process, even as we expanded our search to other counties and towns. We eventually bought a home in Columbia County, and Laurel was invaluable in identifying potential problems and helping us navigate the path to closing. Laurel is patient, honest and hard-working, and we really enjoyed working with her. We highly recommend Laurel and her team!


Susan Ammann

I wanted to thank you again for all your help with selling my property in Ellenville.  I knew you would get it sold from the first time I met you.  And from listing to closing you were professional, energetic and thorough.  You kept me updated on showings and all aspects of closing, which was especially important to me as an out-of-town seller.  Congratulations, you got the job done and I would recommend you to anyone buying or selling real estate. 


Juan and Reagan Weissenberg

Working with Laurel made buying a new home seem about as seamless as it could be. We had a great experience throughout the entire process and couldn't be more excited for our purchase. We were first time home buyers and had no idea how challenging buying a home could be. By always being available to us for any questions, Laurel helped us feel confident in each of our decisions. She was full of knowledge and had helpful tips throughout. We would absolutely work with her again and would like to thank her for everything she did for us.


Kerri Kleven and Alp Bolus

We worked with Laurel at Nutshell Realty to buy our first home. Suffice it to say, the process seemed daunting not knowing the "ins-and-outs" of real estate, but Laurel was nothing short of spectacular. Not only was she (and her team) responsive, she was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and forthright from beginning to end. 

Now that the house is ours, Laurel continues to be an invaluable resource and we look forward to staying in touch for all future real estate needs!  


Erika and Tim Brown

We contacted Laurel after seeing her as the agent on a house we liked. We met with her to get a general idea of the Ulster County real estate market. From the first phone call on, Laurel answered all of our questions, accommodated last minute requests and was there for us throughout the entire process of purchasing our home. It truly was a pleasure to work with and get to know Laurel. We highly recommend her as a realtor and also consider her as a new friend.


Josh and Miriah Burstein

We were looking to purchase a house in New Paltz and a friend referred Laurel and Nutshell Realty very highly.  And we’re lucky they did because Laurel is the best realtor we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with.  She took the time to understand what we were looking for and was patient and diligent in showing us homes.  She’s extremely knowledgeable about the market, various neighborhoods, and the buying/selling processes.  We also worked closely with Petra Heist who was excellent.  

Laurel repeatedly went above and beyond and we felt she truly had our backs.  When we had a question about our heating system she even sent her husband over to take a look.  Thanks to the team at Nutshell we’ve found our dream home.  We’d recommend them without hesitation.


Judith Hoyt and Eric Friedman

Laurel Sweeney and her staff at Nutshell Realty were very helpful with the sale of our
house in Ulster County. We tried to sell the house ourselves for many months, lots of
interest but no offers. After listing with Nutshell, we had an offer in the first few weeks.
Laurel's experience, professionalism and integrity were present throughout the entire
process. We are grateful for Laurel and Petra's assistance in the selling of our house.


Joel Feinberg and Tsumugi Sakamoto

My wife and I met Laurel in 2012 when we decided to purchase a weekender house in Kerhonkson. I am originally from New Paltz so my wife and I had been coming up for years most weekends staying at B&B' was time. We were immediately drawn to Laurel's website and her approach when presenting properties, so I decided to call her. Fast forward to 2016 and not only did she help us find our wonderful house in Kerhonkson in 2012, she also helped with the sale when we decided to move to New Paltz permanently. The house sold in 6 days!!! About a week after contracts were finalized, we began our search for our "forever home". We had an offer out that night and won the bid against another buyer because of her wonderful insight and advice. I am still pinching myself... is this really OUR home?! It's impossible to fully express our gratitude to Laurel in this review, but I will say she literally changed our lives. An absolute professional with a completely approachable manner. She answers every question, checks in to make sure business is moving along and things are done on time, and she's simply a wonderful person to work with. I can't recommend her enough.  


Art & Judy Lipton

Laurel’s assessment of the market was the foundation of our listing price decision that resulted in a quick sale with an eager buyer. Petra put together an excellent listing. As a team they moved the process of solidifying and closing the sale smoothly and promptly. We especially appreciated the on going timely communications and advice. Laurel is an energetic professional whom we recommend without reservation.


Talya Baharal & Gene Gnida

Working with you, Laurel, in finding our new home was an exceptional experience.  We could not have asked for a more personable, knowledgeable and attentive broker to be guiding us through this sometimes stressful process.  You were always there to answer our questions, research issues and with great patience put up with our many anxieties.  We would recommend you to anyone, enthusiastically!  Looking forward to having you and Tim come over and share a glass of two together gawking at the river.  Thank you again for everything


Jackie & Kristian Siqueiros

Please accept our congratulations for surpassing your 2014 numbers and for having been voted Realtor of the Year for Ulster County.  Based on our experience working with you, we have no doubt it is well deserved!

In a prior email, you asked us how we decided to ask you to be our buyer's agent.  We found you while looking through recent listings on Zillow.  We focused in on real estate agents that had represented buyers/sellers on homes in our price range, in regions that were of interest, and that had a decent number of positive reviews.  Then we took a look at the bios on the agency websites.  How the agents presented themselves in their bios was important, as was years of experience.  That yielded us three agents that we wanted to meet with in person.  You, of course, were one of those three.

In meeting you in person, we found you to be confident, cheerful, and candid.  You put thought into what you wanted us to know about you, and you took the time to prepare a packet of materials.  That gave us the impression that you were driven and well-organized.  Overall, Jackie and I felt that we'd be in good hands, and that we'd get along well.  Very important when considering all the time we'd be spending together!  We're happy to say that our impressions/hopes matched our experience working with you.

Your genuine friendliness put us at ease and the depth and breadth of local insights you shared with us, as we toured houses, helped us feel more knowledgeable about the area.  You listened carefully to what our needs were and helped us conduct an effective search.  You were a guide for us through the entire process, from start to finish, and we felt cared for every step of the way. 

Your cheerfulness made home searching a fun and stress-free experience.  We couldn't be happier with the home that we found, and we're looking forward to using it to relax and enjoy the tranquility, lovely landscapes, and charming towns of Ulster County.  Thank you for finding us a lovely home.


Al Roberts:

I am settling into the new house and loving it! I would like to thank you again for the exceptional job you did in helping with the purchase of my home. I am so happy with the house and the community of Stone Ridge and could not imagine living anywhere else.  Your knowledge is incredible. You know the history of the area, the history of individual homes and especially about building construction and quality, or lack thereof.  I sincerely appreciate the dedication and hard work you did for me: negotiating the contract, finding a good lender, and securing an inspection.  You maintained the perfect balance of professionalism, good humor, patience, understanding and diplomacy. You have been a true delight to work with on a personal level as well, reassuring me and comforting me through the stressful task of closing on a house.  By listening to my individual taste, you knew before I did which house matched me best. Laurel, I can’t thank you enough for your effort!  You are amazing!


Sarah Robertson and Michael Bednarz:

We began looking for houses with Laurel in 2014 and were the epitome of tough clients. We had a limited budget and a 3 ring binder labeled "Our Next House," with everything we were hoping for in a home. Laurel not only understood where we were coming from with our desire for a forever home, she also got us, as a family. We looked for a long time and Laurel was incredibly patient and helped us to be more realistic in our search. For a while we tabled our search to save more money for our down payment. Here's where Laurel's magic came in. In August of 2015, she sent me an email of a house listing. "I know you aren't really looking, but this house seems like a good fit for you." We looked at the house the next day and it ticked every box we had for our dream home. Lot size, location, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, fireplace, price! I could go on and on. We made an offer the next day and Laurel was able to steer us through the process step by step for a quick closing. We have now been in our dream house for 6 months and we love it more each day. We are so grateful to Laurel for her attention to detail, her patience, dedication and compassion. She kept her eye out for us when we had given up and thanks to her, we have our own home in the community we love.


Rebecca Freyre and Nancy Cobb:

Nancy and I have settled nicely into our home. We have many plans for the future, but truly you made the purchase of our home transpire as smoothly as possible. Gracious, knowledgeable, energetic, a wealth of information is the best way I can describe you. We look forward to working with you again. All the best in your endeavors.


Dave Zion:

After receiving a reference from a friend, I worked with Laurel to sell a home in Kingston. Although I lived far away and was only able to visit the house on an occasional basis, Laurel worked well with our remote presence, coordinating with our neighbor for appropriate access, and handling the back-and-forth paperwork in a seamless manner.  Even though I couldn’t attend the house showings or inspections, Laurel and her agency were able to nimbly handle these events.  Finally, Laurel was also helpful in determining which buyers were right to partner with, and which were not serious or qualified for the purchase the home.  Overall, I was very satisfied with the experience of selling our home through Laurel’s services, and I would recommend her for other friends/family in need of a realtor.


Glenn Schwenk:

I'd like to thank Laurel and Petra from Nutshell Realty for helping me with my home purchase.  As a first time home buyer, I had lots of questions and they were always available to answer them for me.  Laurel explained the home buying process clearly and referred me to an attorney who also helped make the transaction smooth.  She also referred me to a great contractor who is helping me with some home improvements.  I am really happy to be in my home and would really recommend Laurel if you are planning to buy or sell a home. 


Penny Switlik:

I hired Nutshell Realty and specifically Laurel and Petra to sell my High Falls properties. Between April and September and they sold all 3 of my properties. Even in today's market, each property sold within a month of listing. Laurel's knowledge of the clientele looking and Petra's fabulous pictures tremendously helped the process. Working with both of them was truly a pleasure.


Morgan Zvanut and Allen Stickell:

Laurel Sweeney and her her team at Nutshell are the best! She brings a sense of warmth and professional ease to the process of home buying. She is amazing and kind and infinitely helpful. With a deep knowledge of and passion for Ulster County you will be sure to find your dream home. Somehow she had this incredible understanding of what kind of home would suit us and we are absolutely in love with our new home. Its totally our dream home and I actually did not expect to find a house quite like it! I would recommend her over and over. We are so grateful to have had such a lovely person as our realtor. She has opened the door to a whole new world. Morgan and Allen.


Alexander and Garrett Morton-Adams:

I would like to take a moment to comment on our experience with Laurel and Petra as our real estate agents. Garrett and I closed on a home in Rosendale recently, and we have Laurel and Petra to thank for the timely, professional, friendly service they provided. The process from search to closing was efficient, quick, and seamless. 

I didn't think anyone could fit so many showings into one day, but Laurel proved me wrong. We put together a list of homes we wanted to see, then Laurel added homes she felt matched our criteria. We are so glad she offered her professional input because nothing can beat a local expert when purchasing a home.  Thank you Laurel, and thank you Petra. We have you to thank for our beautiful home. 


Elana Michelson and Patricia Coleman:

"Laurel is an absolute joy to work with.  She listens well, quickly grasps specific requirements and needs, and seems to genuinely want to find the perfect house for any of her clients.  I have also worked with her on selling a property, and she was equally effective.  She knew exactly what kinds of folks would be interested and advertised the property appropriately.  We thought it would take months.  It took weeks!"  


Noosha Baqi:

I got in touch with Laurel after a friend gave her a high recommendation. I had land in High Falls but lived far from New York State and was looking for a competent person to take charge and find a serious buyer. In our first conversation Laurel said to me "let's get this property sold by the end of the summer". Sure enough she was able to attract a number of prospective buyers and within a short period of time negotiated the sale successfully. During this time we talked frequently and her advice on pricing the property, working with a competent engineer and an excellent lawyer, both of whom she recommended, was extremely helpful. It has been very pleasant to work with Laurel because she is competent, confidant and very thoughtful. Her persistence and hard work made it possible to get the job done quickly and with minimal stress. I feel privileged to have worked with her.  


From two very happy clients:

Thank you so much for all your help throughout these years of looking. We could not be happier with the place and are looking forward to moving some things in and really making it ours. Thanks also for the thoughtful gift. As I told Petra, when I saw her with it at the closing I thought, "oh, no, the previous clients gave her a gift at closing. How unthoughtful of us!" So I was genuinely very pleasantly surprised. Tim, too, was great at the walk through.


Ben and Cora Shor:

We have known Laurel Sweeney for over 10 years, and we have the utmost respect for her as a person and as a Realtor.  When it came time to list our home for sale, we did not consider anyone else to list our home.  She helped us decide the price to list our home for sale, marketed it to the community and other Realtors, and worked closely with us and the buyers to bring the sale to a quick and satisfying conclusion.  Laurel, thank you for a job well done, and for all that you do for your clients, your friends, your family, and your community.


Cynthia Lowe and Glenn Sutherland:

We felt from the very first that everyone at Nutshell Realty was vested in the successful sale of our home. From Laurel who took the listing, Petra who took the pictures and everyone who answered the phone or set up a viewing appointment. Everyone was professional, courteous and friendly and made very good suggestions about staging, inspections and pricing. The secret to a successful sale is to choose a professional Realtor with a committed team and to follow their advice. We did that and Nutshell Realty delivered a sale in record time.


Mike and Carol Crehore

We were first time home sellers, looking to downsize after 28 years.  Laurel walked us through the process, taught what we needed to learn and helped us get the most for our home.  We were away visiting family abroad and were still able to decide on the right bid to accept and those we needed for backup.  At the end of the day, the young couple who bought our home were perfect and everyone came away smiling.  Not one glitch in the entire process!  Thanks, Laurel.


Mike and Ellen Woods: 

In the fall of 2014, my wife and I decided that we would sell our weekend home in the Catskills that our family had owned for fifty years.  Not any easy decision to let go of a property that four generations have built & enjoyed.  We decided to contact local realtors in an effort to see what the market would bare.  We invited them to our home to gain feedback and marketing suggestions.  All realtors were friendly and willing to assist us in the selling of our home.  However, one realtor seemed to stand out as being creatively organized and determined to bring us what we felt was a very fair price.  We chose Prudential Nutshell Realty in Stone Ridge, NY.  The owner Laurel Sweeney and her assistant Petra were very easy to work with and not only shared their combined professional expertise – but also listened to our thoughts and ideas that we wished to include in the process. Their Power Point Presentation, market comparisons and professional photography were most impressive and obviously the result of years of experience, knowledge and hard work.  They always kept us in the loop as to what was happening and what exactly we needed to do to make the sale successful. We placed a great degree of trust in Laurel & Petra in the handling our family property.  Obviously, a trust well placed, as their knowledge & experience paid off - we sold our home within one month of placing it on the market- for what we thought was a very fair and realistic price. We would not hesitate to recommend Laurel and Petra at Prudential Nutshell Realty in Stone Ridge, New York, if you wish to purchase or sell your home or property.


Art & Maureen O'Leary:

I would like to thank Nutshell realty and most notably Laurel Sweeney and Petra Heist for their help and assistance in selling our home.  The experience with both Laurel and Petra was extremely professional, they were there for us from the beginning to the end. Petra did an outstanding job of picture taking and capturing the attributes of our house.  Laurel was always available to provide us guidance and help with resolving any issues that arose. Our overall experience with the Nutshell team was very positive.

Scarlet Deford and Sean Crawford:

As we quickly got lost amongst the myriad of listings for homes online, we decided to research realtors instead. When we came across a photo of Laurel we were immediately drawn to her inviting smile and were thrilled to read of her exceptional credentials and 13 years of experience. As the day came to meet Laurel, we walked into the Prudential Nutshell Realty office in Stone Ridge and were greeted by a host of welcoming faces. Minutes into our conversation we knew we had made the right decision and were confident in putting our trust in her.  As a newly wed couple buying our first home together we aspired to find the perfect home in our price range, which we knew, was a nearly impossible task but Laurel gave us hope. And while the path to finding our home may have had its up and downs as any, Laurel made the downs seem up. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. She was always prompt to appointments, she is reliable, friendly and most importantly, trustworthy. As we are now settling into our new dream home in the beautiful town of Stone Ridge we look back on our journey and are so thankful to have had Laurel and her associates by our side through it all. 
Thank you! 


Elizabeth Tapen and John Sieverding:

Why we chose Laurel?  Ulster County is a beautiful and historic place to live.  There is an abundance of great towns, villages, people and places.  There is also a delightful mix of people and backgrounds.  Keeping all of this vibrant requires community support and neighbor support.  Early in our 10 years here we noticed that the Sweeney’s either as individuals or via their business “Stone Ridge Wine” were a sponsor at virtually every community, fundraising, or outreach event.  In turn we like supporting businesses that are generous to their communities.  So when we decided to down size we researched brokers and called Laurel.   She arrived prepared and spent ample time viewing our property and asking questions.  During our engagement period and when listed she stayed on top of info and issues and still allowed us to comfortably make decisions and negotiate.  Laurel was able to give advice without pressuring us.  Real estate transactions are always stressful. Usually our biggest investment and one connected with dreams and or memories.  In our 25 years together John and I have purchased 5 homes in 3 states and have sold four.  I truly appreciated having a leader for a broker. 


Graham Beck and Lydia Turner:

Laurel is the best. She helped us buy our place and sell it a few years later when we moved from the area. She's not only great at her job (i.e. gets it done very well, responds promptly, goes above and beyond, offers good advice, isn't pushy, etc.), but she's a genuinely nice person who cares about her clients. I could not recommend her more highly. Also of note, we were not big ticket buyers or sellers -- though I know she handles plenty of those -- and regardless of that she treated us to world-class service.


Gary Gilbert and Judy Kirshner:

My wife and i were a little anxious to trust the selling of our Accord property to Laurel, since we were across the country and hadn't met her, but she came so highly recommended by neighbors that we went for it -  and we're thrilled that we did. Laurel was completely professional, kept us informed at all times, found us a great attorney, handled the negotiations, and made sure all went smoothly. we couldn't recommend her any higher. 


Marie Rutkoski and Thomas Philippon:

We feel extremely lucky to have had Laurel Sweeney on our side. We were first-time home buyers, and Laurel made sure that the process never felt intimidating. It was a pleasure to see her at every house viewing; she’s warm, intelligent, and incredibly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of real estate, as well as about the area. Even now that we’ve settled into our dream home, we still ask her advice about the details of owning and improving a house.
 Laurel represented both us and the seller for the home we purchased. We had complete faith in her, and know you will, too. Simply put, Laurel is a first-class broker and a wonderful person. We’re grateful to have found her.


Harvey and Sybil Barten:

We are writing to express our appreciation to Nutshell Realty for selling our 1860 farmhouse in record time. Laurel Sweeney was most helpful in highlighting the selling points of a house without most of the modern "improvements" that are sought by many buyers, and minimizing that fact that the house, with all its antique charm, would soon be needing exterior and interior painting, and a new roof. Steven Cohen, our primary contact, was extremely supportive and sensitive to our needs, and always instantly available as questions arose. He was skillful in conveying the specialness of the property, including the barns , landscaping, and adjacent woods. He was a pleasure to work with. David Chernis' photographs beautifully captured the character of the interior and exterior spaces, some of which presented a real challenge to portray convincingly. Several prospective buyers commented on how it was these pictures on MLS that made them interested in seeing the property. We always felt that we were in expert hands, and the happy outcome was a bidding contest that obtained more than the asking price.

Simon and Doris Silberman:

Thank you team Nutshell. Your professional guidance eased us through the process of selling our home. From photos through contracts, we could rely on the team to be understanding, competent and responsive to all our needs. Thank you.

Nan and Steve Bress Ferri:

Laurel was a perfect agent for us. She knows the area so well, is extremely professional, pleasant, and efficient, and has a wealth of knowledge about the people, goods, and services in the Hudson Valley to help new-comers to the area in getting a start in their new location, as well as people who've lived here a long time and want to connect even more deeply. We've used Laurel for ourselves, for our business property, and our parents who moved to the area and we'll always use Laurel for future real estate transactions.

Amber McGowen and Rob Horn:

Laurel was extremely helpful in our particular situation. She was very knowledgeable in the area that we were looking in, she took the time to meet with us and walk us through all the listings and answered the questions we had. She was easy to contact and also easy to talk to. We had a few bumps in the road in our house hunt but she walked us through them and we were able to find our new home!!  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling a house.

Janet Vincent:

Looking for a home, especially in an unfamiliar part of the country, can be stressful but Laurel made the experience sane, simple and -- most importantly -- fun! She quickly "got" what I wanted in a home, and tailored the search accordingly. I especially appreciated her low-key, no-pressure approach. And her knowledge of the area was so thorough that I had complete confidence in her suggestions and advice. I highly recommend Laurel and her expert team at Nutshell for any type of real estate services. 

Brian Kelley:

Laurel was a tremendous resource in helping us find our home. Laurel and her team stuck with us through an exhaustive search process and countless home tours over many months. Resourceful, sophisticated, and organized, Laurel brings a business-like approach to the home buying process yet somehow always remains bright, friendly, and supportive through what, in the end, is a very personal exercise for any family. We recommend Laurel and her team without reservation. 

Jennifer and Ron Bezoza: 

If you are interested in real estate in Ulster County, I highly recommend you work with Laurel Sweeney.  Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the market, but she is also flexible, kind, and client centered.  We worked with Laurel over a year and a half to find just the right property for our needs, and she remained patient, generous and strategic throughout the process.  Laurel was helpful to us in getting to know the area, making introductions to trusted resources and suggesting prudent next steps during the buying process.  We felt very confident about our approach and process in working with Laurel, and have already highly recommended her to friends interested in the area.

Patricia Jansen:

Prudential Nutshell Realty is a stellar company with which to work.  The job of selling my family’s home was a task for which I had no training or experience.  It all seemed overwhelming at first.  Laurel Sweeney and her staff soon chased these feelings away!  Their informative explanations and personal guidance enabled me to be a team player in the preparation and sale of the property.  They were available to answer all my questions, give advice and provide referrals to the service people I needed.  Through regular communication, I was kept informed of the listing activity and where we were in the selling process.  The professionalism and dedication of the staff were always apparent.  Everyone worked together as a team to get the job done well.  The best part was that after careful preparation of the property, we had a buyer and a signed contract just six weeks after the property was first listed!

Andrew and Kat Shafer:

If Laurel ran for Mayor it would be a landslide. She knows everyone and has been an integral part of the community for a long time. A real asset when looking for homes as she knows where the good areas are, how much things are selling for, who to talk to about renovations, etc. Would highly recommend her for anyone not familiar with the area or even if you are - she seems to have the inside track on what is available. Andrew and Kat Shafer

Allison and Eric Zinczenko:

Laurel and her team at Nutshell Realty are exactly the kind of people you want to work with -- they are knowledgeable, hard-working, solution oriented, flexible, and they all strive to provide you with the best possible service. We purchased a home listed by Nutshell and then hired Laurel to represent us in the sale of our home as well. She guided us through both processes with the same level of excellent care and service, and we always felt confident that Laurel was acting with our best interests in mind. 

Joe and Denise Giardullo:

My wife and I thought long and hard about what realtor to use to sell our home. We know a lot of people in the business, including Laurel Sweeney at Prudential Nutshell Realty. We decided to go with Laurel because of her professionalism and her real knowledge of our area based on all her business and civic activities. The whole process was handled beautifully, including the inevitable last minute things, and, in the end, the sale went easily and smoothly. We are happy sellers and we know, at the other end, there is a happy buyer. What else is there?  Thanks, Laurel.      

Seamus McCance:

We love Laurel! She was wonderful from start to finish! Our family buys all our homes from Laurel!

Stacy Sindt:

When I started this process I had to pick a category for experience with this particular Realtor. I can honestly say I would have to pick a few. Laurel has helped me buy & sell homes for 13 years. She is the best in her field by far. She has a refreshing personality with a world of knowledge on real estate in the Hudson Valley that makes an unbeatable combination. I highly recommend her!

Cynthia and Arnava:

Working with Laurel has been an absolute pleasure. Being first time home buyers - and it being a weekend home - meant a mix of nerves, doubts, and fears. But from the moment we met Laurel to even this day, she has done wonders to guide us with knowledge, confidence and compassion. If the world's smartest real estate broker mixed with the most loving mom, that'd be how we would describe Laurel.

Janis and Scott Apicella:

My husband and I just purchased a home. Needless to say I was quite nervous as this was my first home purchase.  Laurel Sweeney made the process seamless. She talked me down many times when I was freaking out and made me feel like I was her #1 priority. She explained everything in great detail and always got back to me in a timely manner. She is the ultimate professional, and very knowledgeable.  We would highly recommend Laurel to anyone that is about to buy a home. We are so happy with our new house! Thank you Laurel."


John and Sue Turek:

A quick note to thank you for so successfully representing the sale of our 132 year young Victorian farmhouse.  Our decision to downsize to one house was difficult as we would sell the house we raised our children in.  So many happy times in that house. We wanted to complete the last of the renovations we started but we were getting numb on the best next steps.  Watching HGTV made us more confused on what to do next.  Our initial meeting with you cleared up all of the confusion as we moved from room to room and you expertly answered all of our questions.  Your ideas on finishing the kitchen were spot on and the contractor you recommended worked out so well.  Your knowledge of the Mid-Hudson Valley real estate market provided us with accurate comps that were so vital to accurate pricing.  Thank you for explaining the process, answering our questions, giving us regular status updates, negotiating on our behalf and guiding us through the closure with true professionalism.  Thank You for listing our house and selling our house in such a quick time.

Barbara Scott-Fisher:

For three years I searched for the perfect home for myself and with the help of Laurel Sweeney of Nutshell Realty I found it.  Laurel took such care and really listened to what was important to me and made this almost daunting task a fun adventure.  She was there every step of the way always representing me in a professional manner and making sure to protect my concerns.  With Laurel Sweeney as my realtor, I not only found my new home, the house of my dreams but a new and cherished friendship.

Steven Kolitch:

Laurel, I just wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciate the very professional manner in which you handled the sale of Greer's home. You epitomized the highest standard  of client expectation from any residential agent/broker.  Please feel free at any time to recommend me as a reference to any prospective client.

Kathy Duignan:

I just wanted to thank you again for all you have done for us.  I can't thank you enough.  It was bitter sweet yesterday.  I was so glad the house was sold but it is sad because another thing of my dads is gone.  This was a really hard time and you made it go so smoothly!! Thank you so much!!!

Kate and David Chernis:

As first-time home buyers, to call us high maintenance would be an understatement! But Laurel remained calm, supportive and consistently super-served us with her million-watt smile, taking great care to meet our needs. We were so grateful to have an expert we could genuinely trust, especially in the face of so very much new information (overwhelming at times). Quite literally, without Laurel, we wouldn't have what truly is our dream home; she guided us steadfastly and occasionally moved mountains! It was especially validating, too, to hear from others (lenders, lawyers, service providers, an endless list), again and again, how lucky we were to have Laurel as our Realtor. Thank God she was recommended to us! World-class.

Rod and Lourd Basten:

Our expectations of your performance to see your house have been more than satisfied.  It is obvious that you stay current with realty knowledge, not just with local trends, but use technology to advertise far and wide.  Your Nutshell Realty website graphics showing the activity generated by over 7000 sites where our house was advertised was informative.  However, it was your frequent and prompt contact with us personally about any activity concerning showings, prospective buyers, questions, etc. that we most appreciated.  Your resources for inspectors, lawyers, appraisers, etc. were very helpful.  Attention to detail made the entire sale process advance smoothly.  Your advice about any real estate matters concerning the house seemed well advised and appropriate.  Yet you were also sensitive to our perspective and decisions, and you were always supportive.

On a more personal note, you made a point to know about the past “Basten” history of our family’s “homestead” (which dates back to at least 1860.)  We wanted to find someone who would appreciate its history and décor, and be able and willing to preserve the home.  You were patient and helped us find the “right” buyer for our house.  And to think, we believe this was all accomplished in five months on the market from listing to closing!  We like it!

Steve and Nan Bress Ferri:

My wife and I recently closed on our new dream property and we couldn't have asked for a better real estate agent then Laurel Sweeney.

We found Laurel to be a very friendly, patient and talented real estate agent who made our whole buying process from start to finish a pleasant experience. Her staffers were great too. 

Nan and I highly recommend Laurel and Nutshell realty to anyone looking to sell or buy property in the area.

Betty & Glenn Villien:

Thank you for taking such good care of us. Your professionalism was wonderful
and we are thrilled this is coming to a close. We will definitely recommend
your services if anyone asks.

Kristina Ursitti:

I believe you went far beyond the duties of a real estate agent. You made me feel comfortable and like I was getting MVP treatment. You were very speedy with your responses and I never felt like I was being ignored or brushed to the side.

Graham T. Beck and Lydia Turner

Laurel Sweeney is the best. My wife and I found her through Google, and after reading testimonial after testimonial that sounded a lot like this one, we gave her a call. That was the smartest decision we could have made.

We had lots of questions, very particular needs, and a modest budget. She treated us with respect, professionalism, and a type of kindness that demonstrated she really cared about us and our home and our future.  

Throughout the entire process -- from looking, to making an offer, to inspecting, to closing, and even now, months later when we're fixing things up and needing the number for a reliable somebody -- she has been available, engaged, eager to help, and quick to go above and beyond. 

We could not recommend Laurel more highly.

Travis and Stephanie Fries:

We have purchased and sold many houses.  We have dealt with a lot of realtors - some good some not so good.  Laurel is extremely good at what she does. The professionalism that we experienced was outstanding.  It seems that our search is over for a respected, knowledgeable and experienced realtor.

Jim and Judy Milne:

We want to thank you for handling the sale of our property so expeditiously and in such a professional manner. You were able to sell our property in record time and with virtually no issues that we had to contend with.  We will certainly contact you for any future real estate needs that might arise.  It was so wonderful to put our trust in someone with your great reputation.

Marty and Mary Greer:

After we decided to sell our house in Accord after 23 years, you were highly recommended to us.  We immediately found you to be very sensitive and honest and always helpful through the months of showing the house.  This was especially important through the final closing process.  You were always cheerful and concerned about our needs and available to answer our questions.

William Oliva:

  1. Laurel is aggressive in pricing, and will go after the high end of the pricing range. That said, she understands the market and is not afraid to tell you if a change in pricing or marketing strategy is needed.
    2. She never wasted our time with frivolous conversation or unqualified potential buyers. Feedback had a purpose, and all buyers were qualified financially in advance of viewing.
    3. Laurel developed several creative solutions for thorny problems which led directly to closing.

Tracy McKnight:

I was one of many millions of people affected by the real estate market drop. I moved across the country yet still had a house to sell in the upstate area. Laurel Sweeney and the team at Prudential Nutshell were my "house - selling" all-star team...from trusted guidance on renovations to the final sale; they were with me every step of the way. The process was beyond complicated and to have a team that always ready with an "ear to listen" and a "plan of action" made all the difference in the world. Anyone who is buying or selling real estate needs a real champion steering their shop and without any hesitation whatsoever, I would recommend Laurel and her team for the job.

Paul Kimmerling:

When I think of Laurel, the following attributes come to mind... honest, smart, great sense of urgency, discerning, well-connected, resourceful, diligent, great attention to detail. Laurel's help was invaluable, and always available, through the entire process of selling my house. She's the consummate real estate professional.

Sarah Arbaugh:

Thank you so much Laurel. I cannot wait to spend some real time there! I think you're the most terrific person we've worked with. I have a friend that's looking in The area w/ in the next year and I'm sending him to you. We worked w many different real estate brokers and you were the best in my opinion. Thank you for everything :)

Steven Andersen:

Laurel Sweeney and her team at Prudential Nutshell are consummate pros. Due to unforeseen but happy circumstances (a baby on the way), I needed to list my house at a very inopportune time: four years into a housing slump. I knew I was in for tough sledding, but I could never have imagined all the twists and turns the process would take. Through it all, the one constant was Laurel. Her poise and experience were invaluable as we navigated all manner of obstacles in an extremely challenging market. In the end, we hit our target price and closed a deal where both the buyer and seller came away satisfied. In a difficult market, real estate transactions can be highly stressful for a seller. I can't overstate the value and importance of having a professional on your side whom you can truly trust. Laurel is the best in the business, and I recommend her and her team without reservation.

Brian Kelley (as buyer):

Laurel was a tremendous resource in helping us find our home. Laurel and her team stuck with us through an exhaustive search process and countless home tours over many months. Resourceful, sophisticated, and organized, Laurel brings a businesslike approach to the home buying process yet somehow always remains bright, friendly, and supportive through what, in the end, is a very personal exercise for any family. We recommend Laurel and her team without reservation.

Brian Kelley (as seller, three years earlier):

"Laurel and her colleagues at Prudential Nutshell have been consistently sophisticated, knowledgeable, and responsive. With the sale of our home, Laurel was careful to craft a sales strategy that matched our specific needs, and she was diligent and successful in meeting our timing and pricing objectives. Very much a part of the local community, Laurel and her team related well to potential buyers and their agents while advancing our interests as sellers. We enjoyed an entirely pleasant sales process and ultimately a very successful transaction for all parties involved, due in large part to Laurel's professionalism and care."

Gary Osland:

At the advice of a highly respected and successful New York City real estate agent, who is a business colleague, I approached Laurel about her interest in selling my home in High Falls. As part of the interview process I looked for the basics in making my selection of a listing broker. Of importance to me was an informed agent, a strong supportive team, community connections, intelligence, patience, professionalism, strong sales history, knowledge of technological sales tools, realistic appraisal of property's value, dedication, love of craft, and strong constitution. It was a tough decision as the list of brokers was extensive. After a dynamic PowerPoint presentation on her team's capabilities, I was near signing the contract with Nutshell. However, the factor that pushed me to make the commitment, a decision I have never regretted, was a personal connection that she was able to establish with me.

As the home sales landscape continued to flatten during our working together, Laurel was steadfast in her support and encouragement. At every turning point she provided assistance without reservation along with professional resources that were both responsive and knowledgeable. With a can do attitude and a smile that never quits, she provided a steady course to a sale that was seemingly effortless. With team member Tom Edwards' insight and Ben Shor's offer-inducing website for the property, it doesn't surprise me that we succeeded not only in finding a buyer for the property, but a couple who promise to be excellent stewards for years to come. 

Nik & Nelda Gerner:

Working with Laurel Sweeney at Nutshell Realty has been a great experience. Laurel's personality combined with her expertise in understanding what we were looking for, were essential factors which enabled us to ultimately find the right house. Despite the obstacles we and Laurel faced, due to the fact that we were living overseas and looking to buy a house here in America, her perseverance and positive attitude made our house-hunting a success. We would highly recommend working with Laurel. She is a dedicated realtor and works very hard for her clients.

Jim, Betty, Kate, James & Heather Noon:

Yes, it has been a little over a year since we closed on our house. We wanted to let you know that we are so happy that you helped us find our new home. We let you know the approximately cost we wanted to spend and could afford, and you helped us find a home within our budget. You had information to increase our knowledge about the process, and you stood by us during the whole process, from seeing the home to dealing with the bank, all the way through to the closing. At any turn, I could call you, and you were there to answer any questions I had. Thanks for helping our family achieve our goal of becoming homeowners. It truly is our dream come true.

Ellen and Nathan Hart:

Laurel was a pleasure to work with. Throughout our home search process, she was quick to respond to any questions we had or to set up appointments to view houses. She was always prepared with information on the home we were viewing and willing to make numerous phone calls to obtain additional information. She was also patient and never pressured us as we searched for a home. She offered us great advice and guidance as we navigated the home purchasing process for the first time and she provided us with excellent referrals for other real estate professionals with which we had to work.

Bonnie Markle:

Now that my family is finally settled in our new home, I just wanted to compliment you and your staff on the excellent, high quality, professional care I received. I did not realize how much work selling a home could be. I am so thankful to you for all your support. The details for setting up the sale, contact with the buyers, realtors, lawyers, corresponding with banks, etc. and carrying on my own day-to-day work and family schedule would have been overwhelming for me to handle on my own. I relied on your expertise in these areas and was very satisfied. I could not have done it without you. Not only did you organize the sale of my home, at the same time you helped me find a new home. Your step-by-step advice made the transition for my family as smooth as could be expected during a stressful yet exciting time.

Your office staff was also very knowledgeable and helpful. Someone always returned my call quickly with answers to my questions. My house was listed previously with other realty companies, and I did not receive the high quality care I received from Prudential Nutshell. I cannot thank you enough for being there for me every step of the way. We couldn't be happier with the end result of our sale and purchase.


Alexa Latimore:

My experience working with you Laurel was absolutely an incredible one. You were very patient with me, since I was extremely picky in what I was looking for, and it was such a long process. You never got frustrated with me when I asked you to look at more and more houses. You made it painless for us even though I was fighting and kicking the whole way. You got to know exactly what I was looking for and knew I was not going to settle for less. I know I was at times hard to work with, yet you never showed it. You are great at what you do, and Roger and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for finding us the home of our dreams. Bless you!

 Mike & Alice Haller:

Laurel Sweeney has been a big help, both before and after the purchase of our house in Stone Ridge. She listened carefully, was candid and complete with information about the houses we saw, and has continued to help us with quality referrals after the sale. We recommend Laurel and Nutshell Realty.

 Mary Workman and Ed Smit:

Laurel made buying our first home easier than we could have imagined.  She had the ability to understand exactly what we were looking for, and took us straight to the perfect property on our first meeting!  I can't thank her enough for her insight, knowledge and skill.  Our home exceeds our wildest dreams.

Nancy Drexler:

As a city girl, on my own, looking for a country house was a bit intimidating. Laurel Sweeney was patient and supportive, and I found the perfect house. I love my log cabin and my five acres, I love the area, and I love Laurel and Nutshell.

Russell Bliss:

You may remember the observation I made about halfway through the first day we spent looking at houses together, which was that I was beginning to see that you have a very hard job. That was one year and dozens of houses ago.

In a conversation we were having recently about this process, Natalie added some nuance. She said the real estate agent's job is less about getting to the sale, and more about keeping it from falling apart.

Natalie and I want to thank you for your patience, endless hours of hard work, and attention to detail, all those details. Whatever you're making on this transaction, it isn't enough. We're looking forward to being your neighbors.

Anne Miller:

Thank you so much, Laurel. We love our house. You were great at understanding our needs and working through the details of what was a difficult situation. I am happy to recommend you, plus you were fun to work with!

Mitchell & Maryellen Link:

It was a pleasure to have Laurel with us as we searched for our first home. She is open and honest and we could tell she actually cared about us. She was never pushy and always gave an open assessment of each home. Also, her schedule was flexible, and she always had plenty of patience! Overall, an excellent experience all around!

Amy Tuscanes:

I first met Laurel when my husband and I were looking for a new home.  We loved working with Laurel, and recommend her to our friends for a few reasons.  Laurel was easily available.  Whether it was by phone, email, or texting, we were always able to get our questions answered.  As well, she knew what we were looking for, and did a great job showing us homes we would be interested in.  Finally, Laurel emailed us all the MLS listings in our price range.  Each week, we were aware of the new houses on the market.  Jon, myself, and our two daughters are very happy with our new home and look forward to working with Laurel again.

Harris Mehos:

In a very difficult market, Laurel's professionalism and knowledge of the market was always evident.  She was able to quickly negotiate a sale of my property even though the market for this type of home was extremely slow.  She gave good guidance throughout the process and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to sell property in Ulster County.

Tim Hefele:

Due to fallout from the current economic climate, I found myself in a situation where it was absolutely necessary to liquidate and sell my beloved home. I chose Laurel since I knew she had the experience and connections to make the sale happen and in a timely way.  I am delighted on how well things turned out. Exceeded my expectations!

Tim McIntosh:

Laurel Sweeney was very professional and a big help selling my property in a tough market.  From our first encounter to after closing, Laurel stayed focused and devoted to taking care of even the smallest details.  Thank you Laurel for your hard work and efforts!

Christine Healy:

Laurel Sweeney gets the job done.  Having moved out of the area, we needed someone we could trust, who could work with us long distance, deal with any issues as they arose, and keep us focused as well.

Laurel did all these things with sensitivity and intelligence, and creative problem-solving when required.  She is good-humored and diligent, and she understands the uniqueness of every property.  She was always optimistic, and never stopped selling our house until it was sold, which happened much faster than we had imagined it might.

We would recommend Laurel unhesitatingly, and in fact, already have.

Mike and Dawn Burdick:

We chose Prudential Nutshell Realty, more specifically Laurel Sweeney, as our selling agent when we decided to sell our house.  My wife and I weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into since the market was experiencing such a historic downturn and we chose the winter to list the house.  We just knew we had to try since our family had grown and we needed a bigger house.  Laurel met with us and showed us unmatched friendliness and professionalism.  Laurel and her team made the sale of our house as smooth as possible from the first meeting before we actually listed the house, right up to and after the closing, always there to answer any questions and guide us through this tricky market.  Using her extensive resources and contacts, she had our house sold in an amazingly short period of time.  While using Laurel and her team to sell our house, we felt confident and secure enough to have Laurel assist us in buying our new house.  Her experience was invaluable and key to the smooth transition we made selling one house and purchasing another simultaneously.  Thank you to Laurel and Team Ulster. 

Dave Monahan:

Laurel was extremely professional throughout the entire process of marketing and closing the house.  Nutshell’s marketing strategy was highly effective, given the significant number of offers received in just the first week of marketing, particularly in the soft housing market that we are currently in.  I would definitely use Laurel and Nutshell if I were to sell a house in the Hudson Valley area again and would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to sell a home in the area.

Liz & Dan Kirkus:

My Husband and I would like to thank Laurel Sweeney and the Team at Nutshell Realty for making the purchase of our first home an enjoyable experience.

Laurel has been with us for a few years... since we first moved up from Brooklyn. Given our narrow criteria for a suitable home, she stuck with us, forwarding listings and showing houses until we landed on a perfect fit. If Laurel happened to be unavailable, other members of the Nutshell staff were happy to step in.

This team approach is what makes Nutshell Realty stand out from other agencies. They are modern forward thinking individuals with the kindness and compassion needed to guide potential home owners to their goal.

Bill and Denise Martin:

Laurel Sweeney is a walking dynamo.  She is realistic, focused and determined.  We originally used another realtor when we first put our home on the market and after that retainer expired we immediately signed up with Laurel.  Laurel and her team mobilized by immediately setting up a virtual tour on the Nutshell website, blasting the details of our home onto various sales tools and we had more potential buyers in the first month with Laurel than we had during the length of the retainer with the other realtor.  Needless to say, we are very pleased that we sold our home through Nutshell and we can’t say enough good things about Laurel.

David and Julie Schwartz:

We wanted to thank you for helping us find our new home on Ashokan Road.  Your extensive knowledge of the area and tireless efforts showing us the type of homes that you thought would meet our needs was much appreciated.  Thanks to your help, we found a wonderful home that we are very excited about living in for many years to come.

Your overall professionalism in conjunction with the support of your expert staff, helped make our purchase very smooth and trouble free.  It is clear that your personal touch, warmth, and sense of humor made the house hunt a more enjoyable experience.  We would gladly recommend you and your office to anyone seeking a home in the area of Ulster County.

Connie Fiedler:

Now that the sale of our home has been completed, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work that you have done to see this sale to completion. Despite moments of stress due to buyer financing issues, I got to witness your patience and tact, which definitely allowed things to go smoothly, and was greatly appreciated. Your consummate, honed, professional skill set and knowledgeable manner kept you on top of the endeavor and kept us calm every step of the way. THANK YOU!!!

Fritz Fiedler:

Laurel represented me in the sale of my house, and she exhibited true professionalism.  She is honest, thorough, understanding, and she showed a thorough understanding of the home selling process, which can be difficult and stressful!  I recommend her with the utmost of confidence.

Laura Kormondy:

I am writing to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work in the sale of my home.  You & Ben went above & beyond the call of duty in every facet.  From the beautiful pictures that Ben took of my home to the countless tedious tasks that it took to complete the sale made it all possible.  Working with you and your staff, I always felt that I was your first priority.  You all have been more than gracious with your time & your professionalism helped us through a very challenging sale.

Claus Kinder:

Her high energy, creativity, strong follow-up skills and delightful personality. Laurel is an extremely resourceful team and consensus builder. She has successfully demonstrated that attribute in her multi-faceted career and as a volunteer in many community organizations. Her high energy, creativity, strong follow-up skills and delightful personality make her exceptional person to deal with both professionally and personally. I have total confidence in Laurel's ability to deliver in any situation.

Sarah and Michael Killick:

Thank you so much for doing such a great job in selling the house. We are grateful to you, Tim and your team.   It is nice to be free of the house, being so far away and we hope the owner is happy there.

Louise Kuhn and Mark Sanders:

Laurel Sweeney helped us buy the weekend home of our dreams in our favorite place in the Hudson Valley.  She quickly identified our likes and dislikes.  And with her extensive knowledge of the area, she took us to many properties, all of which met our specifications.  During the buying process, Laurel's good judgment and experience were invaluable.  She kept our interests at the forefront of her mind and gave us plenty of good advice.  Throughout Laurel was professional but friendly, and a pleasure to work with.

Lester Cohen:

Thanks so much for your assistance with the sale of my mother's house in Stone Ridge.  Your expertise made it so much easier to navigate both the emotional and practical aspects of the sale.  In this market the house sold quickly and for the price we wanted.  We could not have asked for a better experience.

Claudia DeSimio:

First of all, thanks for everything.  I was going over my old e-mails today and found the one where the subject line said "We've got a deal - Sundown Road!"  It was such a great e-mail to receive.  As you well know, this deal came precariously close to not happening - we were refusing to increase our price, and the seller had walked away.  But your cool head and sound advice won everyone over, and in the end, my husband and I were able to purchase a property we love at a great price.  Thanks for talking sense into everyone. Every part of the process with you was so smooth, from the initial site search, to your recommendations on financing and engineering, to your support in the negotiations.  You even lent me an extra pair of boots when I showed up like a city slicker in heels to visit the rather muddy site in April! I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.

Janis Bianco:

Thank you and your team for getting the condo in Kingston sold in a timely manner.  It took a great deal of stress off of my sister and me knowing that Prudential Nutshell Realty took the ball and ran with it, getting it sold and closed without a hitch.  I should have come to you and your team earlier instead of trying to sell it myself.  By you doing all the paperwork and giving us suggestions on how to set the condo up for a successful viewing, which was of great help.

Keri & Tom Sisson:

Thank you so much for all your hard work getting us into our first home!  We really do need to write a book…It was all worth it though.  The house is coming along very nicely – a lot of work has been done already.  You were there for us every step of the way, and went above and beyond.  So glad we chose you as our Realtor, and we’ll be sure to tell anyone we know in the market all about you.  Keep in touch, and we’d love for you to come by sometime.  Many thanks.

Doug & Alicia Serson:

As I hope we made clear to you during the process, we thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working with you.  You made the process manageable.  We have already recommended you to anyone who will listen to us, and we will certainly use you again if we ever need real estate services (though we do anticipate being in our current home for some time to come).

Juliette Graham-Hayes:

Thank you for helping to make the sale of my property in Kerhonkson a reality.  I truly appreciate your professional approach and your diligence.  Your advice and suggestions of what I needed to do to make my home the best it could be were just what I needed.  Particularly with the challenging housing market we are faced with today, your skills and knowledge made all the difference.  You and your staff made a stressful endeavor less so for me.  It was a pleasure working with you.

Joe Mihm:

I have worked with Laurel Sweeney on three real estate transactions.  Laurel has an accurate knowledge of the current real estate market conditions.  She is detail-oriented, thorough and provides prompt responses.

Laurie R. Goldstein MD:

I recently bought land adjacent to my home in Ulster County, and Laurel Sweeney represented my neighbor, the seller.  Ms. Sweeney was ultimately able to help both of us come to an agreement and complete a transaction, in a situation that was emotionally difficult.  She did an excellent, and professional job of both representing her client, but helping both sides to find a happy solution.